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Why I'm Running

I’m running for Congress because, after 12 years in the national security arena, I see our country headed in a dark direction. We are divided, deeply in debt, and facing record inflation that wreaks havoc on American families, businesses, and budgets. We need leadership willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. I'm the candidate of There Are No Easy Choices Left.

In an era of civil unrest and contested elections, I believe the task before us now is no less than to Save the Union. Right now, the future of our country is not guaranteed. I have the persistence and determination to help us course correct.

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Is Our Responsibility

Beat back the forces of domestic polarization and discord.

Stand down threats from foreign powers through strength. 

Tame our Debt.

Cement the Bill of Rights at the heart of the American political experiment, and hand over the keys Of our great institutions to the next generation.

January 2023 First Priorities:

End the Mandates: The Era of Public Health Rule must pass.

Reshore and Restore: Semiconductors, ships, and sensitive medical supplies should be made here, from Mine to Market where possible.